HP LaserJet 9000 Multifunction Printer series - Sending e-mail commands to the product

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Sending e-mail commands to the product

Another method for receiving information pages is by requesting them from the product. When
outgoing and incoming mail are configured, the product can attach information pages, such as
the supplies status page or Configuration page, to e-mail messages. You can use this feature to
solve a problem or check the status of supplies.

To request information pages by using an e-mail message

When composing a message to the product, you must properly format the To, From, and
Subject fields in your e-mail program.


Enable the outgoing and incoming e-mail by following the instructions that are listed in this
chapter. (For more information, see

“Security” on page 26



From your e-mail program, compose a message to the product by completing the following


In the To field, type the product’s e-mail address. The username combined with the
product’s domain name (which is specified in the outgoing mail configuration) is the e-
mail address for the product. For example, if the POP3 mailbox account username is
“product” and the POP3 server is “hp.com”, the product’s e-mail address will be

b Your e-mail program should automatically complete the From field as your return e-mail


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24 Configuring the Product from the Settings Pages



In the Subject field, type the appropriate text for the format and page that you would like
to attach. You can request a Configuration page, a Supplies Status page, or an
AutoSend page. For example, if you would like to attach the Configuration page in HTML
format, type “this.configpage?configpage=email&format=html”.


Click Send.

The product checks for new e-mail messages once every 3 minutes. When the product receives
the e-mail message, it generates a reply and sends the requested information back to the
sender's e-mail address (as specified in the From field of the original e-mail message).


Depending on delays in the network and your organization’s mail server, a response might take
from 1 minute to several hours to arrive back in your e-mail program’s Inbox.

If the To, From, and Subject fields are not properly formatted in your e-mail message, the product
does not send a message in response.


HTML format

XML format

Text format

Configuration page




Supplies Status page




AutoSend page

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