HP LaserJet 9000 Multifunction Printer series - Configure Device

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Configure Device

You can use the Configure Device page to print information product pages and configure the
product remotely. The following illustration, table, and example procedure describe how to use
this page. The following example shows the Information menu options.


If your product has a control-panel display, these menus are similar to the menus that are available
at your product control panel. Some of the product control panel menus are not available from
the embedded Web server.

See the documentation that came with your product for more information about the different
menus that your product supports.





Callout Area on the page

Information or capability provided by the area

EWS tabs and menus

For more information, see

“Navigating through the HP Embedded Web

Server” on page 3


Select A Menu

Information menu

Print product information pages, which
provide details about the product and its

Paper Handling menu

Set the type of paper that is in each tray.

Configure Device menu

Configure the product and thereby affect
the product’s behavior. For example, you
can configure Powersave and product
personality settings from this menu.

Plus sign

Click the plus sign(

) next to a menu, or click the menu itself, to see

the submenus or subentries.

Menu subentries

Gain access to product information or to configure the product.





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