HP LaserJet 9000 Multifunction Printer series - Configuring incoming e-mail

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Configuring incoming e-mail

You should configure incoming e-mail if you intend to request information pages from the
product by using e-mail messages. For more information, see

“Sending e-mail commands to the

product” on page 23



Establish a Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) mailbox account for the


on a mail server

within your organization’s network.

Each POP3 account requires a username and a password. The username combined with
the product’s domain name (which is specified in the outgoing mail configuration) is the e-
mail address for the product. For example, if the POP3 mailbox account username is
“product” and the POP3 server is “hp.com”, the product’s e-mail address will be




that is configured for incoming mail must have its own POP3 mailbox account on

your network’s e-mail server.

The POP3 mailbox accounts are typically configured by your organization’s network or e-mail


Type the IP address of the POP3 mail server in the POP3 Server text box.


Type username and password for the product’s mailbox account, and then click Apply to
save the changes.

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20 Configuring the Product from the Settings Pages