HP LaserJet 9000 Multifunction Printer series - Additional features with a permanent storage device

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Additional features with a permanent storage device

If you have a permanent storage device installed in your product, such as a hard disk or flash
disk, you can view, set up, and retain additional information.

Alerts. Set up four different destination lists, with up to 20 recipients on each of the four lists.
(Without the permanent storage device, you can send alerts to only two e-mail addresses.)

Other Links. Add up to five additional links to the websites of your choice. (Without the extra
storage, you can add one additional link.)

A hard disk might have come with your product, depending on your product model. If your
product does not have a hard disk, you can order one. For more information, see the user guide
that came with your product, or go to:


(within the United States) or