HP LaserJet 9000 Multifunction Printer series - Step 11 Connect power cords

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Step 11 Connect power cords

This section describes how to connect the power cord. HP
recommends connecting the power cord to a surge protector.

Locate the power button on the front
of the product. Make sure the
product is turned off (button out).

Do not connect the product power cord
to the power-cord connector on
Tray 4. That connector is designed to
connect paper output devices such as
the multifunction finisher to Tray 4.

Connect the power cords to the
product power cord connector and to
the Tray 4 connector. Then connect
the power cords to an adequate AC

For best performance, a dedicated 15 A
outlet is recommended.

Connect the high speed copy
connect cable to the copy processor
board. Be sure to run the cable
under the standoff.

Press the power button to turn the
product on (button in). After the
product warms up, a prompt will
appear asking you to configure your
control panel display language. (See
Step 12, “Configure the control panel
display language.”)

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Check that the light on the output
device is solid green. Also make
sure that the light on Tray 4 is solid
green. If the light is amber, flashing,
or off, see the use guide that can be
downloaded from

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